9 Oct 2017

VHS Massacre

VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media

If, like me, you thought digital downloads or torrents were the steel used to slash and stab at the heart of soulless industry and fat (head or bellied) actors, teen pop-stars and commercial content in the hope of leaving it savaged and bleeding in the marbled foyer so your own brand of underground such and such triumphantly seized the thingamajig, this one's for you. If you are one of the elite VHS collectors sitting on your loot of hidden gems and straight-to-tape horrors, you may laugh now. You were right! P.S. got anything weird I can borrow?

My money's on you watching this on YouTube :-p

29 Sep 2017

Send More Guns x packaged

"Send More Guns x" resin art toy
296mm x 207mm x 68mm
Edition of 5

The "Send More Guns x" Packaged figures are ready to go. These are $105AUD for NZ and Australia and $115AUD for international including postage. Signed and numbered, edition of 5 only. Hit me up on FB, Instagram or here to claim. 

20 Aug 2017

Dark Art Society Podcast

Hosted by renowned Dark Artist Chet Zar, and Mike Correll (director of 'Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters'), the Dark Art Society Podcast covers a variety of important and contemporary topics. Themes include Dark Art, literature, film, music, culture, philosophy, dreams, paranormal experiences, magick and much more! While each episode focuses on specific issues, the nature of this podcast is conversational and organic. With that said we encourage you to take up position, like a fly on the proverbial wall and tune in.

27 Jul 2017

Send More Guns x figure

"Send more guns x"
134mm x 58mm x 83mm

I've been interested in the slow but seemingly steady shift of political centers for a while now. Send More Guns x is an exploration of this. It seems caring is becoming monetized and our nurturing militarized. I'm not sure I know how I feel about any of this and that's the very reason I'm concerned, or at least interested. One apparent upside of this current atmosphere is that art seems very healthy. I think everyone expects it to thrive during adversity. I'm glad it has and I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

"Send More Guns x" is available as an ongoing run from today and a short run of the first 5, numbered and signed examples in blister pack on card will be available soon. If you contact me with a receipt for a donation of $10AUD equivalent made to a charity of your choice, made same day you order a "Send More Guns x" figurine (as long as it's not a gun lobby, gay conversion bullshit or anti immigration) I will give you that $10 off your sculpture. Please contact me by e-mail, Instagram or FB if you'd like one.  -b

14 Jul 2017

Maybe I use the term revolution too frequently...Willian Powell

If you're after a little mind food I highly recommend this documentary. William Powell is the writer of the infamous Anarchist Cookbook. A highly dubious and unreliable how-to manual aimed at modern "political revolutionaries". That was 1970, 47 years later Charlie Siskel sits down with Powell to explore its legacy. The reviews for this are terrible, one of the reasons I decided to watch it and I wasn't disappointed. If you like being handed an explanation, resolution or being told what to think, please move along. If you like not knowing who you are or what you feel, this ones for you.

3 Jul 2017

The Getty

The Trinity with the Virgin, Saints John the Evangelist, Stephen and Lawrence and a Donor, 1479,
The Peter Hemmel von Andlau Workshop (German, about 1420/1425 - after 1501)

Mars and Venus Attributed to Hans Mont 
(Flemish, born about 1545 - after 1585)

Head of St. John the Baptist
Jean-Baptiste Chatigny (French, 1834 - 1886)

and on and on and on

Boy with Frog, Charles Ray, 2009

If you are in LA with quite a few hours to kill, I recommend a visit to The Getty Center. Their collection of 15th century devotionals is quite something but their sculpture collections is not to be missed. General details below a more from the Getty here.

At N Sepulveda Blvd and Getty Center Drive

Tuesday–Thursday and Sunday 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
Closed Mondays
Parking lot opens 9:30 a.m.